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This site is designed to help you become a better horse person by improving your horsemanship skills.
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As we move into autumn and the days shorten, you will notice

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As the name implies, this disease is associated with moving


A sarcoid is a skin tumour which is the most frequently diag

Pre-purchase Vet Check

Whether you are buying a horse for competition, recreation o

The Foundations of Horsemanship: from History to Health


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Rider and Horse

Roy Rogers & Trigger

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Kerri’s Blog

June 2, 2012

Well that's it, I can't put it off any longer. I've used every excuse I can think of to put off writing my Newsletter. WHY? I can't even think of a plausible excuse, so I'll just say that I have been incredibly busy, which isn't a lie, but still a pretty lame excuse.

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