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912 Teviscup 150pxAs horses moved from being an animal that was required for work, transport and warfare into a purely recreational animal, so to did the ability to ride long distances move from being a method of transport to a world renowned competitive sport.

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class dressageThe foundations of modern dressage are in classical dressage which developed from a need to train horses for the battlefield.
In fact ‘Dressage' is a French word, which roughly means ‘training'.

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Mounted Games

Games01Mounted Games is an equestrian sport which owes its existence to a Colonel, a Prince, a prestigious horse show and the Pony Club movement.

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974_Jason_Burbidge_pickupPolocrosse is one of the most recent additions to the world of equestrian sports. It thrives in Australia, where it was first developed, and is increasing in popularity around the world with more than 10,000 players worldwide.

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jump2You wouldn't think that an Act of Parliament would create a new horse sport but it did. In England in the 1700s the first of the Enclosure Acts was brought in.

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faultToday most large horse shows will have a ‘jumping' event and of course, the Olympic Games has continued to showcase and raise interest in this sport. At the beginnings of the sport it was taught at cavalry schools in Italy, Spain, France and Austria.

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Cross Country/Hunter Trials

dropfence smlCross-country jumping is not only part of Eventing competitions but it is also a sport in its own right and has its roots in the pastime of fox hunting and the training of cavalry horses by the major military schools.

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Pony Club

421 Pony Club SMLI have to say right up front that I am biased because of my involvement with the organisation for the last 14 years, however I believe that it is the best youth sporting organisation in the world. WHY?

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478 Biggenden CampdraftCampdrafting has its origins with the pioneering stockmen of the Australian bush. It is believed to have begun in outback Queensland, with stockmen having informal competitions for entertainment.

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droving smallDroving is an Australian term, which means to move cattle or sheep (on the hoof) long distances. The settlement of rural Australia during the 1800s would not have happened without the skills of the Stockman, Overlander and Drover.

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