Smartest Horse in the World?

Lukas is a 17-year-old Thoroughbred gelding that fell on bad times when he bowed both front tendons as a two-year-old and was retired. He was found years later, filthy and skinny, in a backyard by a woman who took pity on him. She wanted to re-school him for jumping, but Lukas had an attitude problem so Karen Murdock stepped in.

“He was a handful”, Karen said, “but I fell in love with him. Basically, I had to un-train him and use tricks and play to change his attitude and to build a bond with him”.

On June 16, Lukas was able to identify a correct number 18 times for the Guinness World Record (the first time that Guinness has ever allowed an activity that is based on an animals intelligence). To be considered for the record, he had to point, with his nose, to the correct number from 1 to 5 when Karen called it out. The ‘call outs’ were random and non-sequential and Karen could not point, touch, praise, pet him, encourage or use extra words.