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Maggots Used In Hoof Punctures

It’s well known that maggots can help to clean a wound and minimise scar tissue, however Raul Bras, DMV, of the Rodd and Riddle Equine Hospital (sounds like something out of Harry Potter), in Lexington, is using maggots to treat deep puncture wounds in the hoof.

Before you get too excited and start catching blowflies and sticking them in mounds, the maggots they use are special disinfected greenbottle fly lavae (not cheap either). They place the maggots on a gauze, cover the wound and then protect it with a treatment plate.

They found the maggots cleaned the deep puncture wound of dead tissue, disinfected by killing bacteria and stimulated wound healing.

Of the 20 test animals with damage and infection in the navicular bursa, 90% were successfully treated.