The Queen Goes Riding With The Grandkids

Published in MailOnline from Royal Press Release

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The Queen was so taken with this photo of her grandchildren out for a ride that she agreed to it being used to promote the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

The show is held every year in the grouns of Windsor Castle, and it’s the largest outdoor equestrian show in the UK. There are over 3,000 horses and ponies taking part in more than 250 jumping, showing, and carriage driving classes.

We just thought this was a wonderful family photo showing an 85-year-old grandmother smiling broadly and enjoying a hack-out with her grandchildren, Lady Louise Windsor, seven, and her three-year-old brother James, Viscount Severn.

The children live a short distance from Windsor Castle and stable their ponies at the royal mews.

The Queen has been a passionate rider since childhood, and still looks totally relaxed on her pony.

Prince Phillip still competes in carriage driving events and prefers a team of four-in-hand.

Comment: I hope that when I’m her age I’ll still be able to enjoy my horses.