The First Equine Ambulance

Original story from MailOnline. Photograph ©CATERS NEWS AGENCY LTD

695_1272143_200pxA horse will become the first animal ambulance in Britain after being saddled up with the latest medical kit. Chase, the seven-year-old horse, and his owner, Mark Bennett, will ride to the rescue of walkers and cyclists in the Cannock Chase County Park, in Staffordshire. They will cover over 3000 acres of dangerous terrain, and will be able to get to people faster than an ambulance.

From next month, Chase will become part of the West Midlands Ambulance Service Community First Responder scheme. Mr Bennett said, “People get into all sorts of trouble in the park – mountain bikers, runners and walkers can get injured and it’s not always easy for ambulances to get to them quickly. But the horse is great at navigating the terrain and from within the park Chase and I can get to any area within 15 minutes”.

Chase is fitted out with a defibrillator, for heart attack victims, as well as oxygen, splints, bandages, space blankets – everything that a first responder would need in an emergency.

See… horses are still saving our lives!