Well it’s been going now for the last 11 days and Reining, Endurance, Dressage and Eventing competitions are all finished. If you haven’t been following it I have included the results so far.

Reining – Individual    
Photograph © Peter Nixon/FEI

659_Mccutcheon_200wideTom McCutcheon/Gunners Special Nite – USA – GOLD
Craig Schmersal/Mister Montana Nic – USA – SILVER
Duane Latimer/Dun Playin Tag – Canada – BRONZE

Reining – Team   
Photograph © Kit Houghton/FEI

652_USAReiningTeam_200wideUSA – GOLD
Belgium – SILVER
Italy – BRONZE

It goes without saying that all the horses that went home with medals were American Quarter Horses. I must say it is a bit of a surprise to see Belgium and Italy on the podium with Canada in 5th place and Brazil in 7th place. The Netherlands also entered a team which included Anky Van Grunsven (international Dressage rider) as one of the team. They came 8th out of the 8 teams competing.

 We have included a video of Shawn Flarida riding RC Fancy Step. Even though he didn’t win it is a top-level example of the reining movements. Fancy Steps has to be one of the most beautiful Palomino stallions I have ever seen.

Endurance – Individual   
Photograph © Kit Houghton/FEI

653_AlvarezPonton_WEG10kh_200wideMaria Mercedes Alvarez Ponton/Nobby – Spain – GOLD
HH Sh Mohd B. Rashid Al Maktoum/Ciel Oriental – UAE – SILVER
HE Sh Hamdan Mohd Al Maktoum/SAS Alexis – UAE – BRONZE

Endurance – Team   
Photograph © Kit Houghton/FEI

655_UAETmEndurance_WEG10kh_200wideUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) – GOLD
France – SILVER
Germany – BRONZE

The best time for the 160Km course was achieved by Maria Mercedes Alvarez Ponton, crossing the finish line in 7H:35M:44S. WOW!

Dressage – Grand Prix Freestyle   
Photograph © Kit Houghton/FEI

661_GalE_WEG10_200wideEdward Gal/Moorlands Totilas – Netherlands – GOLD
Laura Bechtolsheimer/Mistral Hojris – Great Britain – SILVER
Steffen Peters/Ravel – USA – BRONZE

Dressage – Grand Prix Special

657_-E-KENT10_200wideEdward Gal/Moorland Totilas – Netherlands – GOLD
Laura Bechtolsheimer/Mistral Hojris – Great Britain – SILVER
Steffen Peters/Ravel – USA – BRONZE

Dressage – Team Grand Prix   
Photograph © Dirk Caremans/FEI

656_Team-podium-KENT10_200wideNetherlands – GOLD
Great Britain – SILVER
Germany – BRONZE


 We have included a video of Edward Gal and Moorland Totilas at a previous competition. It is magic to watch the two of them in such harmony and with a score of 91.8%, in the Grand Prix Freestyle, this big black stallion is worth millions.

Eventing – Individual   
Photograph © Peter Nixon/FEI

662_-JUNGm_WEG10_200wideMichael Jung/La Biosthetique-SamFBW – Germany – GOLD
William fox-Pitt/Cool Mountain – Great Britain – SILVER
Andrew Nicholson/Nereo – New Zealand – BRONZE

Eventing – Team   
Photograph © Peter Nixon/FEI

663_-GBEventingTeam_WEG10_200wideGreat Britain – GOLD
Canada – SILVER
New Zealand – BRONZE



We still have Vaulting, Carriage Driving, Show Jumping and Para-Dressage to go. 
Hope you enjoy the pictures and videos!